Status Update: Phil Irwin’s Luminous Curveball

Phil Curve

On more than one occasion last spring, the present author published in these electronic pages a love letter from deep within his own self to Pittsburgh minor-leaguer Phil Irwin‘s curveball — making note of that pitch’s “wild eroticism,” for example, or its capacity to provoke religious experience.

The pretense for these heartfelt declarations disappeared by early May, however — i.e. the point at which Irwin was (first) placed on the disabled list and (then) compelled to undergo ulnar nerve transposition surgery. One finds, however, that Irwin returned to record some innings in the Arizona Fall League and some other innings, more recently, as part of spring training.

“Is there any new footage of Irwin throwing his luminous curveball?” the author has recently asked in the direction of the internet. “Yes,” the internet has answered — specifically, it appears, of Phil Irwin striking out Philadelphia’s Freddy Galvis. Footage of same has been captured and rendered into a GIF; the status of Irwin’s curveball, updated.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. tz says:

    I did a double-take on seeing the name “Phil Irwin” and thinking this had something to do with golf.

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  2. robertobeers says:

    Judging the context of this GIF, it would seem Phil Irwin’s curve is also worth three (3) strikes. The count is one ball and no strikes (1-0) in the score box. Good for Phillip!

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  3. Mike B says:

    Hey Carson,

    Quick question, as I know you to be a subscriber. Have you gotten either 2014 game to work this year on your computer? I’ve managed to get the archives working on the iphone, but nothing on the computer. This makes it hard to capture new .gif images of epic curve balls..

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  4. Pirates Hurdles says:

    Yet the Pirates willingly choose to start Edinson Volquez. Its a bonanza for baseball fans in Indianapolis.

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