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Stupid Photo Essay: Trout’s Three-Run Jimmy-Jack

In the great tradition of that one weird girl from your high-school newspaper, NotGraphs once again presents a Stupid Photo Essay. Never hard to read, because it barely has words: that’s the Stupid Photo Essay way.

In this edition of Stupid Photo Essay, we present Mike Trout‘s three-run jimmy-jack against Anthony Vasquez (video) from Tuesday night.

Let’s see what our photo essay reveals!

1. Mike Trout jimmy-jacks Vasquez’s 63 mph curveball.

2. Apropos of seemingly nothing, Trout begins grinning as he rounds second.

3. Trout remains begrinned even as he approaches home plate.

4. Trout’s smile proves contagious, infecting the already-pretty-infectable Torii Hunter.

5. Care Bear Stare.