Superior Names of Baseball History: Pete LaCock


The name. The scraggly mustache. The hair, flipped out like my older sister loved to do in high school.

Not only is Pete LaCock’s family name LaCock — which is French (which he spoke) for “the cock” — but his first name is Peter, which means “rock.” Also, according to my Chrome dictionary app:

So, in other words, potential nicknames for Pete LaCock include:

a) Rocky LaCocky
b) Rock the Cock
c) Stone LaCock
d) The Best Name to Ever Come from Canada
e) Rocky the Rooster
f) Penis the Penis

Look, I realize this all may seem crass, but I’m just a medium of the facts. Don’t get mad at me. Get mad at the English language. Get mad at Mr. and Mrs. LaCock who were not foresightful enough to predict the birth of Internet. And, above all, get mad at the French and the French Canadians for allowing LaCock to be a legitimate surname.

Many thanks to +Mike Baker for bringing this wonderful man to my attention.

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  1. Smedindy says:

    Of course, you realize that his dad (also named Peter LaCock) is Peter Marshall, longtime host of the “Hollywood Squares” back in the halcyon days.

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  2. MikeS says:

    I had a chemistry professor in college named Peter Johnson. Same problem.

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  3. manbearpig says:

    See also:
    Jack Glasscock
    Dick Pole
    Randy Bush
    Rusty Kuntz

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  4. Bryz says:

    See also: Brandon Wood, whose birth name is Richard Brandon Wood.

    I hope I don’t need to spell out why he chose to go by his middle name.

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  5. Jack says:

    Brian Bocock is the superior phallically named baseball player.
    Also the tenth result on google for searching bocock is how to carve roast unicorn. I don’t know what this means, but it means something.

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  6. EMD says:

    This is Pete LaCock’s father

    Circle got the square, so to speak.

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