Switch-Drawing AL Parks

As promised in my previous post, I present to you the results of an experiment: drawing wrong-handed. I am left-handed, and these drawings were done with my right-hand. Mostly I wanted to do these drawings because my brain is wont to wander off down dark corridors. Down one of those corridors lives the fear that my stronger left-hand will one day be mangled in an oil derrick, and I will be forced to learn how to use my right hand to do things, and will, in all likelihood, lose my career as someone who draws stuff. I’m heading off that fear, though, by trying to learn myself to draw right-handed. Take that, oil derricks of the world! Anyway: wrong-handed drawings of American League parks, fields, stadiums, coliseums, and centres.
















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  1. Yoopka says:


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  2. Aaron (UK) says:

    Congratulations, you seem to have a below-average platoon split.

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  3. Michael (NC, US) says:

    Better than I could do right-handed. And I’m right-handed.

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    • Ruben Amaro Jr. says:

      Much better than I could do right-handed. My ballparks would likely look like a cross between a hot-dog and the remnants of a meal at Taco Bell. I’m also right-handed.

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  4. Ryan says:

    That’s pretty good actually! If I tried with my left hand, it would just be scribbles everywhere. Your Fenway Park is damn good too, much better than that abortion of a baseball field in real life.

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  5. Tim Burwell says:

    Would you say you ball-parked these?

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  6. randhyllcho says:

    O. Co looks too good. You left out the feces floating about everywhere…

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  7. Daniel says:

    It’s Globe Life Park

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