Targeted Ad Forces Author to Reconsider Some Things

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Which is to say, I never considered myself the sort of guy to visit the Caribbean.

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  1. George Takei says:

    Oh myyy!

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  2. Resolution says:

    It’s like that time I was looking at a boxscore and an ad came up for the Atlanta Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery Center.

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  3. Choo says:

    Also, the add becomes infinitely more FG appropriate when you imagine the two shirtless dudes are baseball players of your choosing (A-Rod & Jeter, Harper & Trout, Ichiro & Munenori, etc.)

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  4. jcxy says:

    i get ads for for some reason.

    i’m not even single.

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  5. AlexandertheMeh says:

    Have you been watching The Little Mermaid repeatedly on Netflix?

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  6. Rags says:

    Today for the first time I got an ad for Murder She Wrote 2 the PC game.

    Who in the world is the audience for this?

    I looked it up:

    With thrilling slide captions like “Other beloved characters, like Seth, will return to help catch the killer,” and “Slide 3.”

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