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Ten Things I Know About Bob Anderson

1) He’s serious.

2) He was involved in one of the craziest plays in the history of baseball.

3) The scoring of said play was: Walk; Musial out at 2B/3B-SS.

4) Bob Anderson had a 99 FIP- and a 107 ERA-, suggesting that he was a fairly average pitcher for the late 1950s/ early 1960s.

5) Bob Anderson has the same name as this guy‘s late grandfather.

6) Alvin Dark was a real name!

7) Most people would think of the play as pretty Little League if it wasn’t definitely Major League. I mean, Stan Musial was involved, people. And Ernie Banks.

8) Two baseballs, can you believe it.

9) Bud Selig would have had to deal with the fallout of this play for at least five years.

10) If you know more about this play please divulge, cause it’s super interesting.