Term Defined: Jumbo McGinnis

Jumbo McGinnis'ing all up in this beast.

Jumbo McGinnisnoun \d͡ʒəm-boʊ mɪk-gɪn-ɪs\

    1. early baseball pitcher and catcher
    2. a steamy, hearty Jumbo McGinnis, such as one might have after an evening of Indian fare

Jumbo McGinnisverb \d͡ʒəm-boʊ mɪk-gɪn-ɪs\ [Jumbo McGinnis’ing, Jumbo McGinnis’d, Jumbo McGinnis’s]

    1. to Jumbo McGinnis all up in a particular joint
    2. to squat over a rectangle of well-manicured clay, with the breeze gently curling the fairground flags in the distance, the factories at rest for the day — progress must take a pause at times too — and pretend to Jumbo McGinnis, such as for a photograph, internet meme, or baseball card meme
    3. to deposit a Jumbo McGinnis in a location of protest

    example: “Ted’s proposal could not have gone any worse even if he had stamped onto the boardroom table, marched to Stevenson’s tablet, and Jumbo McGinnis’d a fat, mushy Jumbo McGinnis right on that shimmering touchscreen.”

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5 Responses to “Term Defined: Jumbo McGinnis”

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  1. tylersnotes says:

    “Check out the Steamer projections on Jumbo McGinnis”

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  2. AlexandertheMeh says:

    I Jumbo McGinnis’d my pants reading this.

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  3. harperhill says:

    This may seem an exaggeration, but honestly, I had to explain away my gut-laughs during a conference call that I forgot to put on mute after I shamelessly read NotGraphs instead of paying attention to whatever silly topic was being discussed…well done Bradley. This is a classic.

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  4. Oh geez I had no idea he was on the Brownstockings.

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