Terrible Photos of Ballparks from the Interstate: Volume II

At the end of last week, the author introduced not merely to the readers of this site, but also to citizens of the entire world, a new genre of artistic expression — namely, terrible photos of ballparks from the interstate.

To say that enthusiasm has abounded with regard to these poorly conceived images would be to repeat a lie that I told my parents just a few hours ago in response to their suggestion that my life is little more than a collection of poor decisions, one after the other, not unlike soldiers on the front lines marching to their certain, respective deaths.

Whatever the case, it does appear as though more than zero other people had already been participating in this practice of hastily photographing ballparks while in transit — even without recognizing the possible implications of that practice to art history. What follows is the work of one such reader, Ms. Rachel Monroe.

O.co Coliseum
O.co Coliseum is located in Oakland, California, and serves as home to the Oakland Athletics. Here’s a terrible photo of it from (what is presumably) the interstate the nearby BART station, BART itself often being referred to as “an interstate on rails”:

Monroe Oakland


Safeco Field
Here one finds an exemplary contribution to the genre, in that the composition is typically miserable but also so is the lighting. Regard, a terrible photo of Safeco from the interstate:

Monroe Safeco


Autozone Park
Autozone Park is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and is home to Cardinals affiliate the Memphis Redbirds of the Triple-A Pacific Coast League. This isn’t a photo of it from the interstate, but it is terrible — and, I’ll submit, captures the spirit of the form:

Monroe Busch

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25 Responses to “Terrible Photos of Ballparks from the Interstate: Volume II”

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  1. Beau says:

    That photo of the Oakland Coliseum is actually from the BART station platform. If you took a photo of it from Interstate 880 Oracle Arena would be in the foreground.

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  2. E. K. says:

    Looks like the Coliseum photo may have been from the BART station, not the interstate.

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  3. JLuman says:

    This work is outstanding. I appreciate the blur and the saturation.

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  4. NotGraphsForeverCistulliNever says:

    Only one photo was taken from an actual interstate. When will the lies end, Cistulli?

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    • Yirmiyahu says:

      First a Francophile, then a (Notgraphs) murderer, now a liar. I vote that we impeach our Dear Leader, Chairman Cistulli before he can commit any more crimes.

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  5. Spa City says:

    I am pretty sure the O.Co photo is from the BART station, not the interstate highway.

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  6. JayT says:

    Here’s a picture of AT&T Park from my office:

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  7. Jamie says:

    The artist has truly captured the physical beauty and indomitable spirit of O.co Coliseum.

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  8. MikeS says:

    …my life is little more than a collection of poor decisions, one after the other…

    You mean like the decision to kill NotGraphs?


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  9. jcxy says:

    Buried lede is that O.co multipurpose stadium was (presumably) a destination of pleasure for an out-of-town visitor.

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  10. Mike Green says:

    “Regard, a terrible photo of Safeco from the interstate:”

    It all started with the casual invasion of French into NotGraphs. Banknotes, what do you propose? The guillotine is un-American. Pistols at dawn might work.

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    • Mr. Observant says:

      A bare-chested, Texas-slobber-knocker brawl to the death against an American Mountain Lion, draped with the American flag and a collar made from a drunken rattlesnake that hisses, “don’t tread on me.”

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  11. Mr. Observant says:

    And really, c’mon, don’t kill NotGraphs. Please. Where else can a thread like this develop? This keeps me sane during many a tedious deposition…not a joke. Please, reconsider this piss poor decision!

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  12. santorumforpresident says:

    There’s no such thing as a good photo of O.co Coliseum.

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  13. Steven says:

    I’ve never been to Oakland, but I’ve managed to gather from other responses that perhaps the photo of O.co Coliseum was actually taken from the BART station, which I can only assume stands for Bad Ass Redneck Tattoos.

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  14. Micah Stupak says:

    In the spirit of the post, here is a photo I took last year of Allianz Arena outside of M√ľnchen from the Autobahn. They have a green surface on the inside and a game with a ball is played there, therefore, it is a ballpark.


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    • Yirmiyahu says:

      Is it real grass? If it’s artificial, it cannot be rightfully called a *park*.

      (Yes, this rule also applies to Rogers Centre and Tropicana Field.)

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  15. Danny Knobgobbler says:

    Any chance we’ll see Terrible Photos of Cistulli from the Ballparks, Vols. I & II before you kill NotGraphs?

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  16. Teddy Wolvesevelt says:

    U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, from I90/94: http://www.chicagorailfan.com/prreds2.jpg

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