That Time Kirby Puckett Was on David Letterman

This week has somehow turned into Found Week for this writer, but I pass on another gem. Today is Kirby Puckett’s birthday. He would have been 54. Some — perhaps rightly so — contend his Hall of Fame legitimacy. Other — more rightly so — scowl at the off-the-field acts for which he was accused.

Nevertheless, this clip involves David Letterman, and a player that still carries a lot of clout in my neck of the woods.

Let it be known that from this day forward, all my fantasy teams will be labeled the Creepy Pockets.

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4 Responses to “That Time Kirby Puckett Was on David Letterman”

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  1. Don Zimmer's jowl sweat says:

    Remember once upon a time, when Letterman was actually funny?

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    • nu billy barooooooooo! says:

      those were the good ol’ days… chris elliot, black crowes & irreverent sketches days…

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  2. Paul P says:

    Englepuck Kirbydink, FOR THE WIN!

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  3. Antonio Bananas says:

    Puckett has this TuPac thing going on. I could have swore he was in Bad Santa and Oz The Great and Powerful.

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