The 2012 Congressional Baseball Game

Democratic congressman / starting pitcher Cedric Raymond. Photo via the National Journal.

A very exciting day in politics on Thursday was capped off by the annual Congressional Baseball Game — for charity! At Nationals Park, the Democrats hit the Republicans hard in an 18-5 victory. Rep. Cedric Raymond was the starting pitcher for the Dems side, and he pitched a complete game win. He also had a multiple-hits game at the plate and was awarded the MVP award by his teammates. Raymond was a varsity pitcher at Morehouse College and apparently he still throws in the early 80s. The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by an Astros rainbow-guts-era adorned Ron Paul — who you may remember, hit a home run in the game in 1979. Paul was also inducted into the Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame, which is apparently a thing. It’s worth noting that the Democrats have now won the game four years in a row. Baseball also beat out politics, for one night only, as Republican manager Joe Barton (Texas) was quoted as saying “Win or lose, we’re gonna go upstairs after it’s over and have a hotdog.” America!

Ron Paul. Photo via the National Journal.

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Summer Anne Burton is a writer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. She is drawing pictures of Every Hall of Famer.

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  1. macseries says:

    just like in congress, the district of columbia hosts the game, but doesn’t get to play.

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  2. otf says:

    quick correction: Cedric Richmond, not Cedric Raymond

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  3. jrogers says:

    Saw this game. Richmond was so good (complete game and a double off the wall) that I want to start a SuperPAC for his re-election.

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