The 2013 WBC Best Names Bracket


The World Baseball Classic is underway, and that means I’m way late on getting you your triennial/quadrennial Best Names Bracket. For this year’s field of 32 (with pairings randomly assigned), I made sure each WBC-qualifying nation was represented, although inevitably some countries (I’m looking at you, Netherlands) are better represented than others (*cough* USA). Click to embiggen, download, fill it out in whatever fashion you like — even if it’s just a list of each round’s winners — and send in your bracket! A CHAMPION WILL RISE!

NOTE: In order to fairly assess each matchup, creative and politically incorrect mispronunciation may be required.

NOTE (2): Pictures are provided for educational purposes ONLY and should be ignored when selecting winners; otherwise some entrants, and by some entrants I mean Odrisamer Despaigne, might enjoy an unfair advantage.

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20 Responses to “The 2013 WBC Best Names Bracket”

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  1. Toasty says:

    Well, I am now sick of typing “Arruebarruena.”

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  2. Choo says:

    Say “Sukmin Yoon” to the wrong (or right) person and I can think of seven, maybe eight potential outcomes with varying degrees of passion and aggression.

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  3. Innominemios says:

    Clear path to the Elite Eight for Sukmin Yoon and Masahiko Morifuku, but I’ve got to put Morifuku into the Final Four. Strong contender for the title.

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  4. Jaack says:

    Final Four Picks:
    Jonathan Jesus Schoop
    Odrisamer Despaigne
    Yanyong Yang
    Iago Januario
    Finals of Jesus vs Iago, because that is probably the best possible headline in this case.

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  5. stuck in a slump says:

    Bonus points for Chacin since his parents made it up, and then used the Jhou part of his name for his sisters as well.

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  6. Poor Barbaro Canizares, destined to forever face long odds against Iago Januario.

    Why you affiliated baseball types always gotta make it so difficult for poor Barbaro Canizares

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  8. Dayton Moore says:


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  9. Mac says:

    Netherlands and Brazil looking strong.

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  10. Darien says:

    I’ve created a simulation, and the results of ten thousand trials suggests this is going to Jonathan Jesus Schoop in a landslide.

    I then created another, different simulation, this time in a search for a possible world in which Jonathan Jesus Schoop would *not* win this in a landslide. Preliminary results indicate that it’s a world in which Scatman Cruthers, Nosmo King, and Boof Bonser were professional baseball players.

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  11. Paul says:

    how is Wansem Jang not a 1 seed?

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  12. dacure says:

    Yanyang Yong! Front runner in my bracket

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  13. i may be in the minority judging by the other comments, but i feel that Wladimir is easily the strongest entry here.

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  14. Bronnt says:

    Xander Bogaerts will always make my Final Four.

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  15. chandler says:

    this is just a formality for schoop, i’m afraid

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  16. bluejays49 says:

    I like Diegomar Markwell. Rolls off the tongue well, and he’s been really good.

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  17. Jabronies says:

    Wheres Stubby Clapp?

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