The Assorted Parts All-Stars

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  1. Dan Rozenson says:

    Honestly, just using Don Mossi would make it look like the photo above.

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  2. This is what God had in mind when he made man, I am thinking. He just wanted us to figure it out on our own first.

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  3. Toasty says:

    Shame on you for neglecting Russell “The Muscle” Branyan.

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  4. therood says:

    Honorable Mentions?

    Paul “Motormouth” Blair
    Lou “Old Shufflefoot” Boudreau
    William “Bones” Ely
    “Bloody” Jake Evans
    Gene “Rubber Arm” Krapp
    “Limb” McKenry
    William “Square Jaw” Ramsey
    “Butts” Wagner
    Rollie “Bunions” Zeider

    And my personal favorite:

    Bris Robot Ham Lord, “The Human Eyeball”

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  5. Bad Bill says:

    You need an overall “gestalt” entry too, and I nominate Randy Johnson. There’s no ugly like the Big Ugly.

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  6. Choo says:

    B-Real from Cypress Hill? Psycobetabuckdown!

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