The Belly, It Bobbles

Recently, abiding reader jcxy floated a Sketchy Internet Rumor of a Rich Garces bobble-belly. Needless to say, upon hearing said rumor the NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team sprung to handsome action. After 12 or so tense seconds of Computer Googling, “Sketchy Internet Rumor” became “Internet True Fact.” Bear fat witness:

This has been two things: the last time I doubt anything on the Internet and your Daguerreotype of the Evening.

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5 Responses to “The Belly, It Bobbles”

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  1. nubillybaroo says:

    is that Daniel Vogelbach?

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  2. ettin says:

    Wow Dayn,

    That Google of that Bobble, Boggled my mind.

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  3. Austin Brancheau says:

    Rich Garces with the Rich Garces bobble-belly:

    This should be reason enough to donate to wikipedia.

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