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The Chronicles of Reddick Continue

Josh Reddick has had a look for every moment in his life. There was the fresh-faced rook, the liquor store crustache, the Brett Michaels and the Half Mountain Man.

Now, apparently, Reddick has won a championship belt for his crooning on the latest Iron and Wine compilation, “Shepherds in Moonlight; A Journey in Sport & Music.” Reddick worked hard to look the part, and won the award for his track, “The Chameleon’s Power.”

Oakland Athletics Photo Day

Sam Beam approves. Obviously. (But not, you know, real vehemently or anything. Just in a calm, collected, gentlemanly — “yes, yes that really is quite the nice track” — sort of way.)


H/T to Scott Lewis at Getting Blanked for finding the wondiferous Reddick picture above.