The Chronicles of Reddick

The Josh Reddick of my mind has been very busy. First, he was all optimistic. Then he was all pessimistic. And he’s still in there knocking around.

What he’s done to cope is this: change up his styling. Each look represents how he’s feeling at the moment. Each look plays with line, texture and depth. Each look is a snowflake. Each look has a motto.

“Don’t you think I’m so sexy, I’m just so fresh and so clean…”

“Yes I’m 21 and I would like this six-pack of Mickey’s please.”

“Allright I’m through asking, just give me the goddam Mickey’s.”

“I call this one ladykiller — baby in the face, killer up top.”

“Got my chinstrap and my musket blow!”

“No Brett Michaels is not my hero, but I do enjoy his music.”

“It’s my first game back from the mountains, okay?”

“Sometimes I just can’t make up my mind, so I go halvesies.”

“This one’s the Malibu.”

Thanks to our inestimable David Laurila for the heads up.

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The last one immediately reminded me of Mr. Cyr from Parenthood.