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The Decidedly Photogenic Ryan Berry

As a Google Image search has quickly revealed, Ryan Barry — that’s Barry with an a — is an underwear model with a seriously devout gay following.

For all of Barry-with-an-A’s muscular muscles, however, I feel very comfortable in stating that Baltimore Oriole right-handed pitching prospect Ryan Berry — that’s Berry with an e, America — is more photogenic than both (a) his quasi-namesake and (b) basically everybody else.

Allow this click-and-embiggenable image (courtesy Gallery 2) to serve as Exhibit A:

And this (courtesy Padresteve) as Exhibit B:

This (courtesy Monoblogue) as Exhibit C:

And, finally, the Google Image search term “ryan berry” baseball -barry as Exhibits D through whatever the last letter is in the longest extant alphabet.