The End of All Jersey Edits

We have a category called “Jersey Edit.” I speak with a Puritan’s certainty when I say it is now safe to retire the category “Jersey Edit” …

(High-interest loan of thanks to the Dodger Divorce Twitter feed.)

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7 Responses to “The End of All Jersey Edits”

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  1. AustinRHL says:


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  2. TheGrandslamwich says:

    The fact that it took me a moment to catch it definitely is an indication that I should stop drinking on a Monday night.

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  3. My echo and bunnymen (Dodgers Fan) says:

    Teh Wins

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  4. Michael says:

    This may actually give McCourt a few ideas. Should he print up enough of these bad boys and sell them inside the stadium, he may soon find himself back into financial solvency.

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  5. cs3 says:

    this is brilliant!

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  6. phoenix2042 says:


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  7. matt w says:

    I just spent a depressingly long time trying to figure out why it’s called “Jersey Edit.” Something to do with Jersey Shore, I thought?

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