The Future of Baseball Broadcasts

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I had heard earlier this week that Wil Myers had bestrapped himself with a GoPro camera, and today I’ve discovered the harvest of that effort. Are there deficiencies in this footage? Sure there are. Such as: Wil’s repeated efforts at the same joke — a joke which, as it turns out, renders him incapable of working for the CIA (“Don’t do anything stupid,” *points at camera on brow*).

But what this film shows us is more than worth enduring the jittery cinematography and awkward verbal exchanges. What this film shows us is the future of baseball media. As cameras get yet even smaller and our interest in athletes yet even more invasive, I think we will one day see the hat-mounted camera become a staple of the baseball uniform.

Let’s examine the highlights of Myers’s footage:
• Witnessing the signature Wil Myers batting circle warmup from his perspective.
• Viewing the world from Myers’s upright, tall batting stance.
• Watching two neatly crushed balls proceed from bat to blue oblivion.
• Participating with Myers as a trio of fly balls whiz into his glove.

Now imagine if we could have watched from the perspective of Willie Mays as he — with back turned towards the crowd — basketted The Catch. What did Kirk Gibson see while standing in the batter’s box with two bad legs in 1988? And what did it look like to John Jaso when he caught the final perfect game pitch from Felix Hernandez in 2012?

It’s coming. And it’s going to be kinda awesome.

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4 Responses to “The Future of Baseball Broadcasts”

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  1. Tim says:

    The best part was when I got to vicariously pick up used batting practice balls and put them back in the ball bucket.

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  2. repper says:

    That would be terrible, fine for the home run derby or all star game

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  3. Jay29 says:

    A couple other scenarios that would be really cool to see:

    – A liner back to the mound seen from the pitcher’s perspective

    – A 4-6-3 double play from the SS’s perspective

    – An outfielder’s-eye-view of a robbed HR

    – A collision at the plate from the catcher’s point of view (if the new rules don’t go into effect)

    – Billy Hamilton stealing 2nd.

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  4. DaveP says:

    What would be interesting would be a mini camera attached to the umpires cap to see if he indeed got a good luck at a play or was out of position. Umps union would never allow it unfortunately.

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