The Lion in Winter, Roaring Still

Think of anything that challenges your moderating instincts, any signifier of the good life lived. Whatever that thing is, Dick Allen was through with it before you knew what to do with it.

Now shut up, sit down, genuflect, and watch as your better heaves a ceremonial first pitch for a strike as effortlessly as he once flicked aside mewling baby racists during the Hale, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Hale Administrations …

And now a relevant excerpt from Philip Kaufman’s screenplay “The Right Stuff,” adapted from the Tom Wolfe opus of the same name:

Unknown: Is that a man?
Jack Ridley: You damn right it is.


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6 Responses to “The Lion in Winter, Roaring Still”

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  1. RamboDiaz says:

    Oh, that Robin Ventura and MLB would let him spend the game in the dugout, in uniform, smoking. The White Sox might ne’er lose again!

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  2. deadhead says:

    When it comes to Mr. Wolfe, I don’t like to quote him, I just like to re-enact The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test page by page, over and over.

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  3. Illinois glass M. Michael Sheets says:

    “mewl” was the word of the day on June 13th. A 15 day delay, but I still maintain that Mr. Dayn F. Perry tries to use the word of the day as often as possible in NotGraphs, ButCharts articles. Presumably, he is on the email list.

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  4. Aaron55 says:

    A gentleman martyr

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  5. dp says:

    Dick Allen reminds me of my grandfather. Not the repressed banker w/ nine children residing in soulless suburbia, incapable of love. The brawling-with-mafiosi, segregated lunch counter sit-in enthusiast w/ boundless chest hair who used to play baseball w/ tree branches and a ball made from cow shit. Thatone reminds me of Dick Allen.

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