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The Literal French All-Stars

Et voilĂ ! Quelle offence! But if this team is going to contend, we’re going to need more starting pitching. Who am I forgetting?

C Mike the Valley

1B Adam the Rock

2B Nap the Joy

3B Jim the Blacksmith

SS Mark the Bear Hunter

LF Albert the Beautiful

CF Ginger the Beautiful Mountain

RF Jeff the Honest Heart


Leo of the Crag, Pete the Rooster, Candy the Lucky, Johnnie the Master, Ricky the Die, Jason the Middle Class, Chase the Ruler of Eagles, Bevo the Bog, Jason the Street


Denny the Master, Jean of the Woods, Dave the Lance Point, George of the Mountain


Gary the Valley, Dave the Rock, Al the Vineyard, Matt the Beautiful Island, Paul the Palm Tree, Lerrin the Large, Rich the Bird