The Lyle Overbays: 2009 Four-Pitch Hardball Champions


The image above, found in a pub in Markham, north of Toronto, comes to us from one of our many intrepid correspondents in the field. Look at those uniforms. Let no one ever say Lyle Overbay didn’t leave his mark on Canada‚Äôs finest metropolis. We remember 2006. It inspires us.

NotGraphs’ Investigative Reporting Investigation Team has uncovered that in 2009, The Lyle Overbays led Markham’s 4-Pitch Hardball League with a .566 on-base percentage, and .577 batting average. They finished first in hits, runs, home runs, and RBI, and second in doubles, all while striking out only 12 times in 1,203 plate appearances. The Overbays’ 2009 championship was the first of three in a row, and came following their stunning defeat at the hands of Deez Nuts in the 2008 final, after winning their first title in 2007. All The Lyle Overbays ever wanted was to make Lyle Overbay proud.

And they did. The Investigative Reporting Investigation Team reached Mr. Overbay for comment, via text message, about the dynastic success of the team named in his honor. Mr. Overbay, never a man of many words, responded:

“Flags fly forever.”

Indeed, Mr. Overbay. Indeed.

H/T: My cubicle mate, and the hardest-working man in Canadian public broadcasting, @DanielKitts.

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  1. Drew GROF says:


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  2. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    Interesting that the sum output of a team made up of Lyle Overbays would be less than one team calling itself Lyle Overbays. Or something.

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  3. canuckassassin says:

    .566 OBP

    .577 BA

    What am I missing?

    And more importantly who lead the team in WAR?

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    • reillocity says:

      I suspected some unusual rules knowing that these people are Canadian and there are several – here’s the PDF rule book:

      Since the batter is pitched to by a teammate and gets 4 pitches to get a ball into the “alive” part of the playing field there are no walks or HBP. And thus the SF part of the OBP denominator forces the OBP to be less than the BA if there is at least one SF.

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      • reillocity says:

        Frankly, I can not sit by idly and allow Navin’s neighbours to take such liberties with the batter-pitcher confrontation that has been at the very heart of this grand ole game for at least a hundred years now. This transgression must be answered to the fullest measure that international law allows – that’s right, a recreational ice hockey league must be formed immediately in the United States in which a teammate goalkeeper defends the net into which said team is trying to shoot the puck.

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  4. leeroy says:

    At what point is Mr. Overbay eligible for Ironic Jersey Omnibus?

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