The Many Faces of Nolan Ryan

Not for nothing is Nolan Ryan known as “the William H. Macy of principal owners of major-league franchises.” Nor was his emotional range on display more conspicuously than during the late innings of Friday night’s World Series Game Seven.

From irascible:

To world-weary:

From one expression, known as The Constipated Falconer:

To another, very different expression known as The Nostalgic Postmaster:

At one moment, affecting the gaze of a cold-hearted warlock:

And another moment, not much later, looking like a considerably more mild-mannered warlock:

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

7 Responses to “The Many Faces of Nolan Ryan”

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  1. karcotte says:

    I was looking forward to a post like this somewhere. Thank you.

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  2. Derek says:

    Its the same picture, someone just changed the inning and score. Nice try

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  3. Brett says:

    Same 2 photos. What a waste of time. Thanks for nothing.

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  4. Matt Poindexter says:

    He was so close to landing the role of Hector Salamanca on Breaking Bad.

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  5. When they release the World Series DVD I want to be able to select the feed from the camera that was exclusively trained on Nolan Ryan.

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