The Most Impressive Home Run of 2013, Objectively

As sort of a complement to Greg Rybarczyk’s work at Hit Tracker Online, writer Chris St. John — whose prospect analysis at Beyond the Box Score, incidentally, is also great and will suffice — created, a couple years ago, a metric called Home Run Damage, a tool by means of which St. John is able to identify objectively the most awe-inspiring home runs of any season.

With regard to his methodology, St. John writes:

Basically, home run damage compares the speed and distance of a home run to the average for all home runs, using z-scores. Only 14% of all home runs have a Damage above 2. Fewer than 2% have a Damage above 4. The truly elite home runs (24 out of the over 34,000 hit) are above 6. The reverse is true for negative Damage. Home runs with negative damage are simply below average.

This season’s winner by Home Run Damage is Mark Trumbo, whose four-base hit off Oakland’s Dan Straily on April 29th would have been described by Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley as “the comrade of the west wind’s wanderings over heaven,” had he — Shelley, not Straily — had he not drowned about 200 years ago.

For more on Home Run Damage and the leaders according to same, click here.

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7 Responses to “The Most Impressive Home Run of 2013, Objectively”

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  1. Urban Shocker says:

    Me likey. A lot.

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  2. jwise224 says:

    When people inappropriately use the word “crush” in any of its forms to describe a home run, point them to this.

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  3. midgley's folly says:

    i was surprised that neither evan gattis’s nor giancarlo stanton’s home run to nearly the same spot in suburban philadelphia made the top of the table, then i noticed that the table only displays home runs hit through around 6/20/13 or so. perhaps the title of this post should be altered to reflect that objective reality.

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    • CSJ says:

      Good eye! The table has not been updated yet, but I can say that the Trumbo homer outpaced both of them, mostly because of the usage of standard distance, which removes environment. According to greg’s site, the gattis hr gained 10 feet due to wind. The stanton hr wasn’t wind aided but still went about 10 feet shorter. Then, trumbo’s hr came off the bat about 6 mph faster than Gattis’s

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  4. robertobeers says:

    Using my supreme knowledge and unwillingness to complete and actual work I ran the numbers using the entire season data. Trumbo’s 4/29 blast is still numero uno with a HRD of 7.107. Next in line is Rasmus from 5/21 at 6.233, Gattis 9/8 at 6.118, and Pence 8/27 at 6.08 rounding out the HRD>6 group.

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  5. steex says:

    I a satisfied because I thought it would be this Trumbo shot before I even opened the thread. I only popped in to watch the clip again.

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  6. Tam says:

    And the Angels still lost the game.

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