The Musical Decisions of Mark Trumbo

Angels slugger Mark Trumbo is famous for his power potential and his power potential. Insofar as musical tastes are concerned, however, Mr. Trumbo embraces a pregame oeuvre at which the discriminating aesthete, who is always too much with us, might pshaw and snort:

The best I can say for his selections is that, unlike Wagner, they don’t make me feel as though something sweeping, organized and racist is about to happen.

URGENT UPDATE: Commenter Grant points out that Mr. Trumbo was merely having a go at us. He is once again a Young Man of America in good standing.

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12 Responses to “The Musical Decisions of Mark Trumbo”

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  1. chiefglockandhummer says:

    even brandon mccarthy listens to linkin park.

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  2. Grant says:

    Could be worse. Could be listening to Bad Charlotte, which is worse by definition.

    (Unfortunately/fortunately, that was a fake playlist. Trumbo is known to listen to good music.

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  3. dudley says:

    why don’t you make him a mix CD with Fangraphs approved artists like Guided by Voices, Built to Spill, and Pavement, then gently explain the error of his ways the next time you see him. i’m sure he’ll graciously acknowledge the problem and thank you for setting him straight.

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  4. dudley says:

    or you could just fart in his face and try to sodomize him, like you did to carson.

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    • Dayn Perry says:

      Unlike Carson, Mark Trumbo could take me in a fight with no observable effort, so all such assaults are out of the question.

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  5. ettin says:

    Mark loves music so much that he even plays the Trumb-oner in his spare time.

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  6. Resolution says:

    Pretty well-rounded playlist. It’s just missing some Insane Clown Posse, Fallout Boy, and Ashley Simpson.

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  7. Kirkwood says:

    His real playlist varies from slightly-better-than-the-joke-playlist-but-still-bad (Times of Grace) to pretty good (some sludge and post-rock as well as Converge).

    Not sure what to make of it.

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