The Obvious [Carlos] Santana

Those of us who have been raised with the Internets in our mouths (or who have arrived at it later in life and still allowed it to ruin marriages and sundry other relationships) have come to expect these Internets to store and retrieve for us whatever the heck we want to look upon.

Expect the Internets to waste your time.

I assumed that the Carlos-Santana-(Cleveland-Catcher)-Carlos-Santana-(Guitar/Headwear-Prodigy) meme had been fully played out via the [potentially life-ruining] tandem of Photoshop and Blogger. Perhaps this is solipsistic, as I myself am have more than dabbled in said combo. Still, you think that a Google image search for “two carlos santanas” would return something better than this:

Sometimes, the Internets disappoint.

Really, Internets? REALLY? I guess the Baumer (that’s me) is going to have to step up yet again and start what you should have beaten dead long ago. Let’s get this trite:



Even while running.

Even while hitting the jonrón.

Santana want bat.

That is all. The meme is played out. I am glad to have contributed to y’all wasting your respectives lives, ala the Internets.

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12 Responses to “The Obvious [Carlos] Santana”

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  1. AustinRHL says:

    Very nice. I love the one where he’s crossing the plate with the guitar in hand.

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  2. nubillybaroo says:

    if you could please photoshop the ball player into the guitarist’s shitless Woodstock performance while on acid, it would be much appreciated so I never have to look up from my computer again.

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  3. nubillybaroo says:

    wait… why is muammar quaddafi photoshopped into these pics?

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