The Others

When the Chicago Cubs hired Theo Epstein, they unleashed a trade full of others.

“The Other Chris Carpenter” went to Boston and in return, the Cubs got “The Other Bogaerts” — marginal-at-best prospect Jair Bogaerts, the twin brother of the Red Sox top prospect, Xander Bogaerts.

Most likely, this is a first. But in another universe, there were other transactions involving the others:

“The Other Mike Stanton” was traded from the Braves to the Cubs for backup catcher “The Other Jose Reyes.” This trade, of a LOOGY for a backup catcher, is now represented in this other universe as the starting outfielder and shortstop on the same revamped team.

“The Other Mike Wilson” caught a game during the best season “The Other Cliff Lee” ever had with the stick. 1921.

“The Other Josh Johnsons” and “The Other Jim Johnson” always knew they were screwed. All three of “The Other Ramon Ramirezes” and the five “The Other Juan Perezes” have no sympathy. “The Other Bill Halls,” though, are sorta surprised.

“The Other Ryan Braun” developed a new pitch. “The Other Freddy Garcia” thinks he’s finally got his strikeouts under control and is attempting a comeback in Mexico.

“The Other Bill James” and “The Other Other Bill James” keep coming up when “The Other Jeff Zimmerman” does his queries.

“The Other Bobby Brown” was honored at Yankee stadium while “The Other Other Bobby Brown” looked on in his pinstripes. Bobby Brown sang the National Anthem.

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  1. Enos Harris says:

    What about me?

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  2. Guy says:

    But there can never be an “The Other Eno Sarris.”

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  3. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    True fact: the A’s and Nationals both have respected outfield prospects named Michael Taylor.

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