The Royals Had An Awesome Ninth Inning

The bottom of the ninth of last night’s KC loss to Texas offers us a bounty of delights. With the Rangers in front 3-2, Organizational Jesus Erik Hosmer hit a spank to tie the score. Then, small miracle of small miracles, Jeff Francoeur drew an unintentional walk (!). Then … Well, let’s just roll tape …

N Feliz J Francoeur 9 0 ___ 3-3 Jeff Francoeur walked. 2.28 0.52 71.5 % .073 0.39
N Feliz J Dyson 9 0 1__ 3-3 Jarrod Dyson picked off. 3.17 0.91 58.3 % -.132 -0.64
N Feliz B Butler 9 1 ___ 3-3 Billy Butler walked. 1.84 0.28 63.8 % .055 0.27
N Feliz M Aviles 9 1 1__ 3-3 Mike Aviles picked off. 2.94 0.54 53.7 % -.101 -0.43
N Feliz W Betemit 9 2 ___ 3-3 Wilson Betemit struck out looking. 1.42 0.11 50.0 % -.037 -0.11

It’s one thing to have two runners picked off at first base in the ninth inning of a tie game. It’s another thing when both pick-off-ees are pinch runners and, thus, notionally in the game precisely not to do such a thing. It’s something else altogether when said pinch runners are the first two pick-off victims of the pitcher’s career.

Viva la Royals!

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3 Responses to “The Royals Had An Awesome Ninth Inning”

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  1. Matt says:

    One can only assume that Augie Garrido would have just plain lost it in this situation.

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  2. Adam D says:

    Both runners think Feliz balked, but I watched the replays and they both moved on first movement… just happened the first movement was to pick them off.

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  3. The Royals feel threatened by the Twins and must do this to show their superiority at being inferior. “You think you’re lousy, Twins?!, shout the Royals, collectively. “Take that! And also that! We swear on Ron Gardenhire’s mustache that you can and will never replicate that feet! Oh, drat! We misspelled ‘feat’ again! Wow are we bad!”

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