The Twitter Habits of Derek Holland

Rangers baseball pitcher Derek Holland seems like a lovely young man. Part of that loveliness — a necessary part, I would submit — is that his Twitter predilections are as nude of airs and fronts as something that is just … nude, with silly, floppy genitals brandished like … something silly and floppy that has been brandished.


You know who follows McDonald’s on Twitter? Yes, exactly: a gentleman secure in his tastes and station. Now let us McD.L.T.

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Handsome Dayn Perry can be found making love to the reader at's Eye on Baseball. He is available for all your Twitter needs.

2 Responses to “The Twitter Habits of Derek Holland”

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  1. macseries says:

    i thank you not to speak ill of @dutch_oven45.

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  2. anthonyrizzo_jackass says:

    The only time its appropriate to be followed by Derek Holland?

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