The Two Actual Baseball Wagers Available Today

The information you didn’t request. (Click to embiggen.)

As a professional weblogger, it’s the constant task of the present author to ask, and then subsequently answer, the question “For what sort of information would a Worker of the World gladly suspend his labors and provide my particular weblog with a hot internet click?”

Yesterday, that sort of information concerned ballplayers who’d been defenestrated in and around Philadelphia-area saloons. A couple days before that, it was the current, depressing view (courtesy Google Maps) from the home-plate area of a former Dodgers ballpark in Brooklyn.

Today is a different day, however. The concerns of the world have changed. The reader demands posts that are bigger, better, faster, and other comparative adjectives. The author, wriggling under the jackboot of capitalism, must supply those posts — or risk losing all.

In the particular case of this post, what the author has assumed is that an internet citizen, seeing the title of this post, would say to him- or herself, “Hm. That could probably entertain me for 15 seconds.” What else the author has done is to compose ca. 200 words of near-nonsense so that all involved might continue under the pretense that what’s been learned here — i.e., the odds of tonight’s two Mexican Pacific Leagues games, as offered by Pinnacle Sports — contains some kind of substance, however elusive.

Life is a fraught illusion, the Buddha and other people like the Buddha have probably taught us. Life is a fraught illusion, this post confirms.

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