The “W.J.” Anthology Grows

The tenured reader — glistening from freshly completed coitus and trying to remember where he placed his fashion eyewear once passions overtook him — will recall this writer’s enthusiasm for one W.J. Slattery, crafter of prose and invader of boudoirs.

It so happens that, in the process of utilizing the best and most emergent features of the HotBot search engine, I stumbled upon one W.J. O’Connor, who shares not only leading initials with Mr. Slattery but also a dedication to the muscular prose of better days. Mr. O’Connor had this to say of a certain game in 1917, when men were men and women were, at best, “handsome” and “well preserved.” Writeth Mr. O’Connor:

“He [Johnson] first fielded it with his chest, and knocked it silly at his feet. He then laid a prehensile paw on the pill and came up with ample time to assist [George] Sisler with the out. But he suddenly lost his prehensileness, and tossed the ball over his shoulder like a superstitious person throwing salt to avoid a fight.”

Yes indeed, Mr. O’Connor. Yes indeed …

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4 Responses to “The “W.J.” Anthology Grows”

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  1. Quirmulous says:

    In communist Russia, salt throws you!!!

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  2. reillocity says:

    Let the record show that I would gladly trade the freshly completed coitus for unfettered online access to the Dispatch archives featuring W. J. O’Connor’s game recaps.

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  3. Mr. Observant says:

    Oh dear God of mercy, but those are clearly a flash knife and bone saw being held with great aplomb and gravitas. Our be-tabled friend is about to lose a limb while sleeping with the gas of the poppy between his lips. The only question – above or below the joint. Those were the days…

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  4. robbrowe says:

    I formally request permission to do a notgraphs post on Monsignor Perry’s colleague Jon Heyman’s terrific knowledge of bat grips, as displayed in his headshot for the Ayayay on Baseball.

    Now, that is a man I will go to, not only for baseball information, but also for a total adherence to the advice of random photographers, despite ones chosen profession.

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