There Were Only Five Bat Flips in the Korean League on Friday

Dan of MyKBO reports via Twitter that there were only five bat flips in the Korean baseball league on Friday — which figure appears to represent the low end so far as that particular circuit’s daily total is concerned.

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7 Responses to “There Were Only Five Bat Flips in the Korean League on Friday”

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  1. Mark Geoffriau says:

    I love the bat flip on a single up the middle.

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  2. Mac says:

    Dat soundtrack.

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  3. Mondodude says:

    The week in bat flips cannot be considered complete without Junior Lake’s effort on a bases-loaded walk against the White Sox. Not much distance, but good marks for rotation.

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    • Robert Hombre says:

      Whoa, bump Junior Lake up to an F-Orbital, because his angular momentum is top-tier.

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      • yaboynate says:

        This comment is a gem. I saw the time stamp on it and thought “My goodness, Robert Hombre has had this comment on the internet for over 12 hours with no acknowledgement of his efforts.” Well, Robert Hombre, I acknowledge you. I acknowledge you. I acknowledge you. The day is yours.

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  4. Lookout Joe says:

    Where’s Mel Allen when you need him?

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