They Might Also Approve “Emotion”

Good news! MLB owners, umpires and the MLBPA have issued their formal approval of what you, the discriminating fan, have approved all along.

That’s right: They approve Instant Replay.

According to a press release, the owners enjoy its catchy, up-tempo melody while the players and umpires agree that this particular part of the chorus –

Eeya-eeya eeya eeya-eeya

– remains both “timeless and universal … definitely not exclusive to 1978.”

According to the same press release, they also approve Debby Boone’s hair, which “remains attractive despite resembling a cumulonimbus cloud rising above a prairie fire,” and the concept that all we are is dust in the wind.

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John, who has also written under the pseudonym "Azure Texan," writes for both The Hardball Times and NotGraphs.

4 Responses to “They Might Also Approve “Emotion””

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  1. Dan Gladden says:

    is that vinnie vincent of make-up-less KISS I spy strumming the guitar in that video?

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    • John Paschal says:

      Great call, Dan Gladden. But Mr. Vincent isn’t the only musician of note (pun tremendously intended): On bass is G.E. Smith, of Hall & Oates and “Saturday Night Live” fame.

      Old videos are the best, aren’t they?

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  2. Chaz Bono's Sweaty Gash says:

    Or like Brad Johnson, they might have an “A-Ha!” moment.

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  3. Shrewd Cat says:

    What- they only just approved ‘Instant Replay’. 35 years too late – no wonder no-one thinks baseball is cool.

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