Thing That Doesn’t Exist: A Vineyard Next to Coliseum

It’s important, in this life, to recognize that certain things do, while other things don’t, exist. A thing that does exist, for example, is your in-laws. Just sitting there at home, they are, judging you for how your job is 90% just producing sophomoric Photoshop images for mindless internet consumption.

A thing that doesn’t exist, on the other hand, is a vineyard along the banks of San Leandro Creek, right beside the home ballpark of Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics.

Were such a thing to exist, however, the image below is an image of the sort of wine such a vineyard would likely produce. (Click to embiggen, naturally.)

Cotes du San Leandro Creek

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

5 Responses to “Thing That Doesn’t Exist: A Vineyard Next to Coliseum”

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  1. Oh, Beepy says:

    Missed Fecal Matter Flood Jokes: Seven

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  2. yaboynate says:

    90% seems low.

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  3. Tony says says:

    Ahh a fine wine for the downtrodden on skid row. Ripple watch out.

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  4. The Stranger says:

    Posting this in the hopes of engaging the efforts of the readers of Notgraphs in causing a thing to transition from a state of not existing to a state of existing.

    The thing in question: the nickname of one Tyler Flowers, who should of course be referred to as the Bastard of Highgarden.

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  5. Juice Box says:

    I embiggened it, but still can’t see “Fortified” on the label.
    Must be written inside the cap.

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