Things Ryan Theriot Would Like To Forget

In doing “research” for a different post (seriously), I came across this article about Ryan Theriot in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, from September 19th.

The Cardinals led the division until July 27, four days before the Furcal acquisition. Speaking only about his own role, Theriot noted, “When I was playing shortstop we were in first place. I know that. It is what it is.”

Now that the Cardinals have won the World Series, that quote seems a little silly.

Ryan Theriot’s postseason performance, incidentally:

NLDS: 6 for 10
NLCS: 1 for 10
WS: 1 for 13

[And, yes, I broke it up like that because those NLDS stats would make the whole thing look better if I didn’t. Why can’t I manipulate statistics to make a point? This is NotGraphs, not FanGraphs! Good grief.]

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7 Responses to “Things Ryan Theriot Would Like To Forget”

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  1. Darien says:

    Things I would like to forget:

    –The Cardinals won the World Series
    –Ryan Theriot

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  2. Alex says:

    Furcal 2011 Postseason: .195/.244/.325

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    • Resolution says:

      If you factor in ‘leadership’ and ‘veteran presence’ that line actually becomes: .525/.780/One Million.

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  3. Adam says:

    This reminds me I never got around to burning my theriot jersey t-shirt from a few years ago. I need to get on that.

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  4. Greg W says:

    I was absolutley positive I was going to see this link embedded above.

    100% full of things RIOT would like to forget.

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