This Is Juan Berenguer

I had no idea who Juan Berenguer was, had never heard of him, not once, until I saw that, above, at Old Time Family Baseball.

Baseball players come and go. Thousands of them, over a lifetime. That is how I hope you remember Juan Berenguer.

Actually, Berenguer, I’ve discovered, was kind of a big deal. He had a few nicknames: “El Gasolino,” “Senor Smoke,” and “Pancho Villa.” All of them awesome.

Then I found this, about the “Berenguer Boogie”:

I’m not really sure what to say. I’d definitely call what Berenguer’s doing in that video a “boogie,” but I’m really glad it’s no longer 1987. The world was a crazy place back then.

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  1. Romogenized Melk says:

    So awesome

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  2. jcxy says:

    it’s bad that i instantly recognized this card as 92 topps… something i collected with hopes of selling in the future.

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  3. I transcribed an interview for David Laurila with Berenguer. Virtually indecipherable.

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  4. Patrick says:

    he did that a few times with the Tigers when I was a young fella!!
    Loved him!

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  5. Ben says:

    Juan Berenguer sold my girlfriend’s mom her car. Apparently he’s a pretty decent guy. But the tinting on the windows was darker than street legal in MN. She got pulled over. Thanks, Juan Berenguer.

    (good story, I know)

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  6. Bryan says:

    Sometimes I forget how awesome Sonic Youth were, and then I remember that this is what the rest of the world was doing in the late ’80s.

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  7. dupontd says:

    I knew him as Senor Fastball. Saw Dale Murphy take him yard once. It was great. Thanks, Juan!

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  8. Steve Smith says:

    His dominant nickname while I watched him with the Braves was The General. I can’t think of anyone who outranks him, unless you believe in civilian control of the military, in which case it would be El Presidente Dennis Martinez.

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  9. AustinRHL says:

    That photo is awesome. I can’t really imagine him actually playing baseball, though.

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  10. You must be young. I remember Juan Berenguer getting blasted in the 1987 world series. I recall Al Michaels saying he was the first Venezuelan to pitch in the WS (or someone was in that series) and saying Game 1 was the first WS game in a dome. Frank Viola won an exciting game 7. Minnesota’s closer was Jeff Reardon. I sent Jonah a Jeff Reardon-signed baseball for his newborn son (I got nothing for the girl, ’cause I’m a jerk). Jonah has 2 posts here and none since February 2011.

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  11. david lozano says:

    i was teammate of juan’s in the ny mets organization was wondering if he received a worlr series ring wfen he was with atlanta braves won the world series in 1991 which would have given him 3 world series ring career was turned around by the great manager and pitching coac roger craig who taught him and mike scot the split finger fast ball

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