This Week in Munenori Kawasaki Home Runs

On Saturday, Munenori Kawasaki went 2 for 4 with his first North American home run. Toronto — known for its steady-crooning citizens — responded to Kawasaki’s hitterly feats with a pair of carefully crafted renditions of “KAWuh-SAki; clap clap clap-clap-clap.”

This has been your weekly, godly dose of Munenori.

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  1. Darren says:

    Edwin is doing his best Tracy Morgan

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  2. Mix says:

    Love that guy.

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  3. Damaso's Burnt Shirt says:

    Kawasaki is truly the Oriole Slayer.

    8 of his 17 RBIs are against the O’s.

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  4. His Pitches/PA, at 4.18 is second on the Jays to Colby Rasmus’s 4.21 and ahead of Bautista’s 4.16.

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    • He probably takes too many pitches, but he also is solid at fouling them off. I’m actually impressed by his scrappy plate approach.

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      • The Nemesis says:

        Did someone say “scrappy”?

        Come to think of it, has anyone seen David Eckstein in the last couple years. Or ever seen Eckstein and Kawasaki in the same room?

        *cue Unsolved Mysteries theme*

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  5. Birdlander says:

    As an Oriole fan, I can’t wait to see Jose Reyes in their lineup again.

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  6. Eric says:

    The title should be: This Decade in Munenori Kawasaki Home Runs

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