Tim Lincecum By Phantom Flex

So this is Tim Lincecum as captured by something called the “Phantom Flex,” which I imagine is like a Polaroid with attitude:

That was quite pleasing to the rods and cones. Also, I know that biology textbooks — even the ones in Texas — say that we all have the same number of muscles, but, no, there’s no way I have as many muscles as Tim Lincecum. Also, Tim Lincecum’s disembodied hips could beat me in a footrace. Also, his cap, his soothing narration, his physical toil — at once grotesque yet very beautiful to me — and the industrial efficiency of the soundtrack all suggest that Red Bull can make me a better man.

(A Red Bull toast: BBTF)

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6 Responses to “Tim Lincecum By Phantom Flex”

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  1. TheGrandslamwich says:

    Does he really roll over on his fastball like that? No wonder I never cut it as a pitcher…

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    • Chris says:

      Yeah, that was pretty shocking to see how much his hand rolled, also didn’t feel to good when I tried to mimic it in slow-mo. How does he keep from having his arm just snap off at the shoulder?

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    • Yirmiyahu says:

      Are we sure that’s just a fastball?

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  2. glassSheets says:

    As pleasing as this was, I feel somewhat empty not knowing if I will die one day or not.

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    • Dayn Perry says:

      Good point! You will. And so will I. And all of us.

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      • glassSheets says:

        News anchors have sign offs, why can’t Dayn Perry?

        “We are all going to die” > “Stay classy San Diego” … I know the movie is old, but I don’t watch the news ever to know what a real and current sign off is.

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