Tim Spooneybarger Surrounded by Spoons, Knees, Barges

It came to my attention, while doing some very important, not-at-all bullshit research, that there was once a baseball player named Tim Spooneybarger. As he was not a baseball player that long ago, I would like to think that I once knew this already, and his existence has been simply washed from my conscience by the cleansing waters of bourbon.

Nevertheless, the fact that Tim Spooneybarger once was and still is a man, and the fact that that once and future man has the name Tim Spooneybarger, makes him a prime candidate for our Men Surrounded by Things series.


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11 Responses to “Tim Spooneybarger Surrounded by Spoons, Knees, Barges”

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  1. Gabes says:

    Best name in sports…I used to acquire him in every baseball video game I played back then.

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  2. Eric F says:

    Men Surrounded by Things has been severely missed, glad to see it back!

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  3. Coylio says:

    Oh yes, he was a big time bullpen piece on any of my MVP 2005 teams. 80 grade name.

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  4. KB says:

    I think you meant Sim Tooneybarger.

    Gives a new meaning to Spoonerism.

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  5. daniel says:

    I have researched by many a jstor article, that after this specimen porked his women, he would then, wait for it, cuddle under the sheets in a puzzle-like manner of their shapes.

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  6. Bobby Ayala says:

    You spoony bard!

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  7. me says:

    is he usually the big spoon or the little spoon?

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  8. Chris Moran says:

    Great post. I loved using Tim Spooneybarger 2004 on my MLB Showdown team back in high school. Perhaps the makers of MLB Showdown put stock in his excellent FIP/xFIP, rather than his ERA because he was one of the best relievers, and could induce double play grounders like no other.

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