Totally Unaltered Pokédex Entry: Shane Nidorino

The following Pokédex entry is entirely and in-no-way altered from the original:
Shane nidorino



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  1. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    I think you might have inflated his actual height and weight a bit.

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  2. rusty says:

    nice-looking emulator!

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  3. Psyduck says:

    I’ve never caught one of these before. Is this like the equivalent of a super rare shiny.

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    • Bryz says:

      No, get a male Nidoran and train it so it evolves.

      I remember far too much about Pokemon from my childhood.

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      • Psyduck says:

        I’m aware. I was writing specifically of a Shane Nidorino. Normal Nidorino was probably like the 5th pokemon I ever had. I most likely had one by the time I got to Brock because horn attack was a pretty powerful move early game in 1st gen.

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        • Zach Reynolds says:

          The sum of my hopes and dreams for this post was to find one guy who would make 1st Gen Pokemon jokes in the comments. So thank you. *bows*

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