Totally Unaltered Tweet: Latest Rumors on MLB Literary Tastes

The following tweet, which appears to contain breaking news on the reading habits of certain major-league baseball clubs, is entirely and in-no-way altered from the original (click to embiggen):

Literaty Tastes

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

7 Responses to “Totally Unaltered Tweet: Latest Rumors on MLB Literary Tastes”

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  1. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    Dodgers Sign “The Canyons” to One-Year, $8 Million Contract

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  2. Chaos Path says:

    Any word on their feelings toward Elliot Easton?

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  3. stockhfcrx says:

    Brett DF Wallace does not approve

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  4. To his credit, Ellis used Creation itself to make a strong case for God’s existence (and even a description of His attributes) in “The Knowledge of Divine things from Revelation”.

    “Unless the idea of a God had in the first instance been communicated to the mind; unless God had himself taught it to our first parents, and it had thus been transmitted through succeeding generations; no contemplation of the works of creation—-no induction from the phenomena of the natural and moral world, could ever have enabled mankind to discover even his existence. But as soon as we are taught that there is a Creator necessarily existent and of infinite perfection, our understandings readily admit the idea of such a Being; and we find in the natural world innumerable testimonies to the truth of the doctrine.”

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    • davisnc says:

      Insofar as begging the question/confirmation bias are valid argumentative strategies, sure, that’s a strong case.

      I guess Santa Claus is also real because we couldn’t have conceived of a jolly old gift-giver independent of his existence. But the evidence is right there under the tree!

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  5. Bertrand Russell says:

    My understanding doesn’t readily admit to the existence of such a being, nor is a supreme being’s existence in any way necessary to contemplate the world in which we find ourselves.

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  6. harperhill says:

    I like Huey Lewis — and the News.

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