Totally Unaltered Tweet: Tanaka Refuses to Comment

The following tweet, which concerns a real and not fake report regarding Masahiro Tanaka‘s negotiations with certain major-league baseball clubs, is entirely and in-no-way altered from the original (click to embiggen):

Mo Money

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5 Responses to “Totally Unaltered Tweet: Tanaka Refuses to Comment”

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  1. TK says:

    It was a perfectly cromulent question.

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  2. balfazzar says:

    It leaves him free to wallow in his own crapulence

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  3. benzedrine says:

    Tanaka proceeded to purchase a whole theatre to himself, his wife and his dog for a midnight screening of Mo’ Money.

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  4. Jake says:

    That so means they did.

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  5. Jeff Loria says:

    We tied to offer him it on laserdisc.

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