Travis Snider Has Patience

He’s batting .316/.396/.557 in AAA. What more do the Blue Jays want?

(I have a soft spot for Travis Snider, since he was on my Scoresheet team for the past few seasons– threw him back before the draft this year with much regret… although part of that regret was having turned down a Snider-for-Nelson Cruz one-for-one offer a couple of years ago….)

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5 Responses to “Travis Snider Has Patience”

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  1. Nick says:

    to learn to lay-off curve balls in the dirt?

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  2. nick says:

    To wait until Rajai Davis is traded?

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  3. nicK says:

    to consume a steak with the surface area of Texas?

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  4. nIck says:

    I agree with nick.

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