Trout Creek


In a clever ploy to ingratiate himself to all those namby-pamby, metric-spouting, pizza-faced milquetoasts who make up the MVP electorate, thrice-coronated man’s man Miguel Cabrera has produced his own telenovela. We here at Notgraphs recognize that his rival, Mike Trout, probably needs no such gimmickry given that voters have already spent the last five months fondling his UZR like a Diablo III preorder receipt. But we here at Notgraphs also believe in a fair shake, and so we’ve set aside our distaste and put something together for Mr. Trout.

Trout Creek follows four close friends in the picturesque mill town of Millville, New Jersey, as they struggle through the trials of adolescence. The show centers on Mike, a precocious fast-talker with wide-ranging interests, who finds his security challenged when brash, brawny Miggy moves to town. As Miggy captures the hearts of Mike’s friends with his good looks and old-fashioned charm, Mike begins to wonder if beauty is really only skin-deep — and if there’s any place in his hometown for an oddball with a unique skill set.

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  1. Dan says:

    Yes, is there really a place for someone who can do everything really well? . . .

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  2. harperhill says:

    Wait, does the sultry lass on the left have 3 hands? Mr. Smug has an extra set of fingers draped over his shoulder.

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    • Dan says:

      This is the intrigue! For, you see, Mr. Trout’s mistress has her right hand on Mr. Smug’s shoulder! Will the wonder-boy find out what she’s doing to him????

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  3. Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown says:

    But few know that Miggy hides a dark secret. Alcoholism? No. Self-doubt as a result of never having finished higher than 4th in the MVP vote.

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  4. ettin says:

    I particularly like the episode where Miggy, jealous that Mike set a new record of at bats (AB210) in their local softball league, attempts to drown Mike in the local river, Datsun’s Creek.

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