Ty Cobb and His Rather Large Cigarette

As manuals on youth and young manhood have taught us, the secret to a vital constitution is a regimen of organ meats, deep knee bends and cigarettes. Or, as Ty Cobb has taught us, you can forgo the calisthenics and chow in favor of a one large cigarette that’s brimming with nutrients and wholesome, muscle-building tobacco:

This has been Something I Found on the Internet. This has been your Daguerreotype of the Evening.

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6 Responses to “Ty Cobb and His Rather Large Cigarette”

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  1. LoMo SloMo says:

    Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette, but other times a cigarette is just an absolutely gigantic phallic object.

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  2. Del B. Vista says:

    Ty Cobb was a well-known butt.

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  3. Not too often you see Ty Cobb in a non-Tigers jersey.

    That elephant is amazing.

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  4. ettin says:

    If Ty Cobb were alive today he would be ash-amed of himself.

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  5. Lucas Corbin says:

    U do realize that cigarette is photo-shopped in right?

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