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Unreliable Source: “Cliff Lee to Stay in Texas”

Last night, Texas Governor Ricky Perry, making an appearance on TV’s The Daily Show, meditated briefly on the fate of very coveted free agent Cliff Lee.

Via the magic of the internet, you can watch the Perry interview in its entirety by clicking here. If that appeals to you zero percentedly, this is no problem, as the good people of Los That Sports Blog have transcribed the relevant exchange.

Boom, blockquote:

Stewart: “So in your mind… when did Washington go off the rails?”

Gov. Perry: “About a century ago, actually.”

Stewart: “Seriously?”

Gov. Perry: “Wilson, and the Progressive movement started. The Sixteenth Amendment, giving them the opportunity to take your money with the personal income tax. That’s the reason Cliff Lee is gonna stay in Texas…”

Having spent some time in Dallas, I can say two things about it: for one, it’s absolutely awash in public restrooms and, for two, you have to remove your shoes in order to enter it.

That I’ve only ever been to the airport part of it might color my experience of the city, however.