Video: Bobby Valentine in a Japanese Music Video

As you can see, courtesy of’s Full Count blog, not only does Bobby Valentine “get down,” but Bobby Valentine “gets down” while wearing the pinkest pink shirt that’s ever existed. (Do not look directly at it.) That’s just how he rolls. And I have to admit, I dig it.

And then, just when I thought I couldn’t possibly respect Valentine any more, I found what you’re about to enjoy, below: Bobby Valentine dancing his ass off in a Japanese music video:

Oh, those Japanese. Now, I still don’t know what the hell to make of that, what we just saw, but what I do know is that, even though I hate the Boston Red Sox with an incredible passion, I’m glad Bobby V’s back on this side of the pond, and in the spotlight. Valentine’s riling up the Yankees, Jeter and A-Rod, and taking shots at Tito; ask yourself: are you not entertained? It’s going to be a wild ride in Boston, and I can’t wait. May Valentine forever dance, and forever manage, as if nobody’s watching.

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  1. chel says:

    I wonder what train of thought (train of videos actually) got you to that bizarre and hilarious corner in youtube of WTF japanese culture capsules, for I have found myself there over and over again…

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    • At that moment when I’m so very far down the Japanese culture YouTube rabbit hole, I’m not sure whether I’m at my weakest, or my strongest.

      Naw, I’m just playing. Usually, for shits, I run a “baseball” search on Tumblr. It’s amazing what you’ll find. Like Bobby Valentine dancing in a frigging Japanese music video, one that ends with a close-up of his face, and him asking, “CAN YOU CHA CHA?”

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  2. The title on the main page was cut off. It read as “Video: Bobby Valentine in a Jap”

    Three notes:

    1. Racist.
    2. Don’t promise the goods if you can’t deliver.
    3. I guess my imagination will have to suffice.

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  3. Daniel says:

    living in japan for most of my life, this makes me laugh alot…one question though…

    whats with the duck mascot thingy?

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  4. Tim says:

    He can only hope no one’s watching him manage…the man has a .510 career win %

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  5. Chike says:


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