Video: Dave Cameron’s Very Enthusiastic and Young Dog

Managing editor Dave Cameron’s forthcoming appearance on FanGraphs Audio this week features — as many of Dave Cameron’s recent appearances have featured — features an enthusiastic guest appearance by that same managing editor’s very young dog.

It’s not unreasonable — is perhaps the most reasonable thing in the world — to suggest that, in the weeks since the canine’s arrival chez Cameron, the devoted (if few) listeners of FanGraphs Audio have become like uncles and aunts (although mostly uncles, probably) to the newest member of the Cameron family. The author has it on good authority, in fact, that listeners of that podcast like nothing better than when the baseballing content of this or that episode is forestalled by five or ten minutes by some idle chatter concerning the puppy’s sleeping habits or culinary preferences.

But what aunts and uncles require of their nephews and nieces isn’t a mere weekly audio dispatch, but rather real-live photographic proof — and moving images, if at all possible. It’s with that in mind that the author has acquired the poor-quality video embedded above of Cameron’s dog Liberty first jumping around a small plastic pool, and then falling over kinda, and then performing some other sorts of enthusiastic maneuvers, and then running in no particular direction, and then lying down without anything like warning.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. Chop33 says:

    A+ dog! Wish I could siphon some of that energy.

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  2. Choo says:

    Top B-Ref Comp for Liberty: Eric Byrnes

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  3. triple_r says:

    You used “features” twice in the first sentence

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  4. Stoph says:

    Whilst I can’t disagree that this dog is both delightful and not lacking in awesomeness, I must say that there is a shocking lack of cat coverage in these pages. If this is not resolved presently I am cancelling my subscription to notgraphs.

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  5. A eskpert says:

    It’s certainly a name, that’s for sure.

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  6. Maverick Squad says:

    They say dogs take after their owners. Although we only get to see the dogs eyes for a short time I didn’t see any blinks. Dave would be so proud.

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  7. Zach Wheeler says:

    DAMN! That’s some quality water sounds I’m a hearingya.

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  8. MikeS says:

    That pup is well on his way to a 4 WAR rookie season with a vey bright future ahead of him.

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  9. dfives says:

    the KC announcers just said “you shouldn’t be selective as a pinch hitter because you’re in there to pinch hit not to pinch walk”

    this is relevant because dogs like to go on walks but not hits

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  10. Stockhfcrx says:

    Are we the creepy uncle that has a van with a bed in it?

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