VIDEO: FanGraphs in Arizona, Day 1

The staff at FanGraphs makes an annual trip to Spring Training, seeing as how we are all in this virtual workplace and occasionally need assurance that the people we are talking to online are in fact real, carbon-based creatures. Here is footage from that assurance ritual:

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Bradley writes for FanGraphs and The Hardball Times. Follow him on Twitter @BradleyWoodrum.

21 Responses to “VIDEO: FanGraphs in Arizona, Day 1”

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  1. Derek says:

    Those were the most hideous-looking human beings I have ever seen.

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  2. dbake005 says:

    Brilliant idea. People will love this.

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  3. Kyle says:

    I liked the part with the bear.

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  4. Jesse says:

    this is incredible, made my day. please make these videos a regular feature, Bradley, brings me back to the luck dragon days but this is even better.

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  5. I think we should pitch a Fangraphs reality show to IFC.

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  6. ElJosharino says:

    I like your toast clock.

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  7. RamboDiaz says:

    This is enlightening and frightening. Enfrightening, even.

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  8. jesse says:

    Will there be a FanGraphs TV post today? This feature is fantastic.

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  9. Fletch says:

    Awesome. Need more of these. Will there be a video per day in AZ?

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  10. Tstark says:

    It’s clear you put some effort into this, props for something I haven’t done in f-cking years, but really? Jesus.

    There’s nothing happening for any reason – you guys are at a baseball game. So what. Why the f-ck do I care? Before that’s answered you guys are doing fantasy baseball or whatever the f-ck.

    There’s no actual sense of a premise or even a tone – you just seemed to have filmed your co-workers doing stuff and put all hopes of an original element/entertaining material on the captioning, which frankly isn’t paticularly entertaining.

    Maybe if the captioning became less of YOUR voice and instead the voice of an objective narrator who called you and your friends out on the silliness of whatever shennanigans you were doing. Then again I’m pretty sure I just suggested Arrested Development in the form of text but whatever.

    You filmed you and your co-workers at a baseball game, with a camera doing nothing but being frustrating and some text on screen making a couple of crap lines (oh ho ho he’s packed things he doesn’t need, I’m chuckling at this relatable rogue).

    You could do something cool but in the meantime, drop the Louie marathons and build a defined premise to go from and maybe be cleverer with the text use.

    Good luck!

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    • aquanarc says:

      Good lord you are a tool. “drop the Louie marathons” !!

      do you by any chance teach a screenwriting course?

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      • aquanarc says:

        And you can say fuck by the way. Fuck. See? If you think it’s improper or whatever why would you type out 75% of the word unless you are some sort of strange person which it appears you are.

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  11. Annonymous says:

    I appreciate you’re trying to make something. But you have a lot of basics to work on before you can create something of value, in my opinion. This that you’ve shown is… nothing. It is not at all clear what I’m watching, there are no characters or dialog or story or anything. Watch this pilot for Workaholics:

    It’s sort of comparable, I think. But it actually establishes that it is a unified whole, not just some random footage. And: Why do you talk directly into the camera like that? And talk behind the camera like that?

    Promising work but don’t stop now, keep pushing yourself; FanGraphs TV is a sound idea.

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  12. Big Jgke says:


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