Video Game History: Tornado Baseball, 1976


    • “tor-nah-do”
    • “Postage paid!!!” *rapturous laughter*
    • Outfield shifting!
    • Invisible batsmen!
    • Jeanette and Alex, their love preserved for all ages, heralded throughout the universe with a resounding ITA!
    • BRRRMP. Double!

According to this totally reputable source, Tornado Baseball (1976) was the third baseball video game released to the public. That makes it a key component to–


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4 Responses to “Video Game History: Tornado Baseball, 1976”

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  1. InAlAlAlAlbuquerque says:

    RubĂ©n Amaro Jr.’s favorite game.

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  2. Jim says:

    This would be awesome, if I could hear the video. Instead, some ad not even showing on the page (which is thus un-muteable) keeps muttering to me about the Nuva-ring. Excellent targeted advertising, by the way; by my estimation there are approximately -5 women not named Wendy Thurm who read this site.

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  3. philly says:

    philly what!? TNT amusements.

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  4. BRB, making that guy’s laugh my email alert sound.

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