Video: Hard Angry Confrontation (Feat. Masahiro Tanaka)

A recent experiment conducted by the author — in his capacity not as a baseball writer, it should be noted, but rather as a mere private citizen — has revealed that taking to the internet in search of the phrase “hard angry confrontation” produces what Lord Byron probably described in Don Juan somewhere as “pleasures manifold.”

The majority of those pleasures shall continue to remain confined to the author’s personal experience of the world; one of them, however, is the video clip embedded here and featuring highlights from Game Six of the most recent Japan Series.

What one finds here, in order appearance, is (a) maybe future major-leaguer Masahiro Tanaka striking out definitely past major-leaguer Jose Lopez in one plate appearance and then (b) Lopez homering off Tanaka in a second one and then (c) Lopez casting aspersions at and near the person of Masahiro Tanaka.

It also features, before the interval included above, this footage of Masahiro Tanaka’s renowned splitpiece:


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4 Responses to “Video: Hard Angry Confrontation (Feat. Masahiro Tanaka)”

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  1. Mark says:

    Where is Brian McCann when you need him?

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  2. David Well's Gout says:

    Lopez deserved a hard slider to the face for those theatrics. Japanese aren’t really known for their “shit talking” as it were. So I can’t imagine what Lopez would be mad about, except for maybe his own flailing about at the expertly placed pitch he faced during the previous at bat..

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    • AC of DC says:

      I’d be more curious as to the specific words chosen for the exercise. After all, what does a guy from Venezuela shout at a guy from Japan in order to express his triumph/rage/shame/dyspepsia? Does Tanaka know Spanish or Lopez Japanese? Is there a common tongue? Do English expletives bridge the linguistic gap? Is each man speaking his own words, conveying not precise meaning but rather emphasis?

      You may not understand me, sir, but you understand that whatever I am saying, I am feeling it very much!

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  3. phil says:

    how is masahiro pronounced? thank you.

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